When it comes to remodeling your house, there is no other area of the home that is usually more fun to remodel than the garage. There are all sorts of possibilities when working with the garage. Whether you want to expand the area that you already have or you simply want to make a few additions inside the actual garage, there are numerous updates and reconstruction ideas that homeowners can use to spruce up their garage.

Gauge Your Space

The number one thing that homeowners must do, though, before actual remodeling their garage is to take a look at the current situation in order to better know what needs to be done. You may think that you know everything you want to do to the garage, but there is always a value in taking a second look. In order to better gauge what should be done and what you’d like to be done, the first thing that everyone should do when remodeling their garage is to find the dimensions of it. If you don’t already have the information written down then you’ll want to take a tape measure and get the dimensions manually. The reason for getting the dimensions of the garage is so that you’ll be able to know whether or not what you want to do to it is feasible or not.

Decide on Remodeling Ideas

As mentioned, there are a whole host of ideas that can be used when remodeling the garage. If you want to add space to your garage then you must consider how much space you want to add and how much space you have to work with in order to expand. Many people simply decide to knock out one side of the garage first, expand that, and then work on the opposite side of the garage wall if more expansion is actually needed. However, many people find that adding just 1 or 2 feet to one side of the garage is sufficient for what they want to do with it.

What To Do With All The Stuff

A typical garage accumulates a ridiculous amount of stuff over time. There are several ways to get a lot of that stuff under control. You can have yard sale, donate to charity, or even sale items one at a time on sites like Craigslist. Another idea is to rent a storage unit and move your items off of your property. If room and budget allows for it, I recommend buying a storage shed, or even better a steel shipping container. These shipping containers, also known as conex boxes, are water proof, very secure, and have a lot of useable storage space. There are many companies like AllStates Containers out of Charlotte that sell new and used storage containers.

Additions inside the Garage

After you have successfully expanded the garage or after you have finished with your remodeling ideas for the space then the very next thing that garage remodelers should do is consider other possibilities. For example, corner work places can easily be added to the side that you’ve just remodeled or any other corner of the garage for that matter. Corner work places are great for those men that want extra space to have for their tools, but they are also a good thing for those who just want to work on various projects or have extra storage space. If you want that corner work place, though, along with extra storage also, there can easily be wall cabinets that are added above the work place or right next to it. Cabinets that are actually built into the wall are best, but it’s important to consider what can and cannot be done.

There are some people who actually decide to finish their garage by painting the walls, adding some type of hardwood or tile flooring, and making it look like a nice show room for their car. There are a lot of excellent garage floor coverings to choose from as well. Granted, more renovations may be needed, but this certainly is a big endeavor to take on when remodeling the garage. Nevertheless, as you can see there is definitely a bunch of ways to make your garage look bigger and better, and by using some of these ideas you are certain to bring life to your garage!